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If a guy has a big head, should he shave his head?

Not slender head. ex. But a wider head... I don't have and example, because I can't find one that looks like mine. But are wide heads a no no... Show More

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  • i don't think any guy should shave his head bald. its just not a good look unless you're 35+as long as you have a nice shaped head it wouldn't be as bad. if you have a big or a fat head don't do it to yourself. if you must go bald it doesn't look as good on people with wide heads

    • I found an example of my head type. This isn't exactly a match, but my head is just about as wide as Jeffrey Jey from eiffel 65... Is that too wide?http://www.danceanni90.com/storage/foto/eiffel03.jpg

    • Which guy is jeffery jey? the bald one? I don't think your head is too wide if it looks like his, he actually can pull off the bald look

    • Oh ok, yeah jeffrey jey is the bald one. My face is wide like that... Not slender at all in comparison to the lex luthor of smallville.

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