Girls, Should men shave or wax before wearing shorts or tank tops?

Should men shave or wax their legs, thighs and arms before wearing shorts, half sleeves or tank tops esp if they have overly growth of body hair?
Remember Robin Williams :p


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  • nope. no need. do it only when you really feel insecure and it will help your confidence. girls expect them to be hairy. it is more questionable if the guy doesn't have any.

    • Don't be so questionable if it's bald legs! Lol.
      It's sexier when smooth as girls :)

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    • it's fine really. guys are expected to have them. I guess it would depend on your SO, when your consider preference and intimacy.
      but really, as long as you look good, clean, presentable, hairs on legs won't make you less worthy as a man or would lower your chances on girls since it can also be an asset and hair on man makes it more manly and appealing.

    • Torso fur? :o

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  • NO!
    Please stop with the metrosexual bullshit. Men are supposed to look like men. I like hairy manbears.

    • But metrosexual is the current trend and current craze! :) all men in pics, movies have hairless legs, arms and obviously bald chests!
      Man bear! Ya?
      What's that... :/

  • No ewww xD

    • Oh, this reaction? :o

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    • O. O then in that case yes. But don't wax. Scape. Hairless is too feminine

    • Hey just crossed my mind, would you rather have it all very hairy guy or all waxed smooth all over?

  • nooo, thats my answer.. no... keep it, but if it makes u feel better shave it...

  • Retain your individuality! If your partner has a problem, show her the way out.
    Its the person that counts, not his/her body.

    • Individuality of being animalistic? :o

    • What do you want me to say? "Get waxed"?
      I don't see the point in undergoing such procedures that are not only painful but redundant.
      That's my opinion!

    • You know, I don't understand what exactly you want to hear as a reply. There are so many women around who prefer hairy men, whatever the reason may be. Any lingering insecurities should be long gone by now.

  • No i like body hair on a man.. as long as he doesn't look like a werewolf

    • I am talking about excessive hairiness so obviously it would come under the werewolf category

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    • Not really into it. But I wouldn't reject a guy if he was hairy. If I liked him I would just try to convince him to cut it down a bit/wax it.