How much do guys care about what girl is wearing?

Hair, clothes, jewelry, etc.


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  • I usually notice her hair change but her clothes more if she's attractive and a girl that I usually notice anyhow. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't notice any of those things very much. I'm not a big one on noticing jewelry other than earrings if he hair doesn't almost cover them up or maybe a pretty necklace. I always notice a girl that wears a cool dress or skirt if she has nice legs. especially those short jean skirts that have stringy hemlines. lol! I do notice how girls dress . her tops and shoes too. Tight jeans look awesome if she has a nice butt or shorts too of course. With nice tan legs I like white shorts with bright tanks. When it comes to casual dressing, I always notice a girl in a dress or skirt before one in jeans or shorts. One last thing. I really dislike girl that think they have to dress have naked to look hot. like way too much cleavage showing, or way to bare a bikini bathing suit, or way to short a skirt unless the skirt is worn in place of shorts like jeans skirts are sometimes.


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  • I actually care a lot. I like it when a girl can show off her personality by the clothes that she is wearing. I like it when a girl has chosen clothes that look good on her because she has chosen the right sizes that let her fill the articles our and the right color that go with her eyes, or hair color, or the season.

    Hair is second. I prefer a girl who has versatile hair. it can be down, and look good. It can be permed, and look good. it can be in a scrunchies, and look good. it can be in a pony tail, and look good.etc. I like a girl who knows what to do with her hair.

    Jewelry is last, I hardly ever notice jewelry. I don't notice necklaces, earrings, or rings unless they are engagement or wedding rings.

    The ONE THING, that you have to walk away with, is this.Different guys prefer different things. I actually am the most attracted to a girls personality, and the words that she says to other people above all other things, I am completely turned off by a very dumb girl.

    I hope this answers your question

  • Wow great question.

    though it depends on the guy, for most of the time, I like laid back not too fixed up, even not fixed up at all is kinda cool.

    Dinners, weddings and such, I guess it should be appropriate to the occasion.

    Cheers !

  • I won't notice a new haircut unless it is a major change such as going from really long hair to short hair or a change in hair color. I only notice the clothes my girl wears if more skin is being shown or if she is wearing more makeup than usual. As for jewelry, I rarely notice it unless I gave it to her as a present or as a just because gift.


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  • I think guys notice those things - so depending on the guy they will care a lot. If you did something crazy to your hair, or are wearing new clothes, I m sure some guys will defiantly notice, hence, why they'd care (also depending on the occasion).