Wearing your boyfriend's clothes?

I was wondering---guys, what do you think when your girlfriend wears your clothes? I love wearing my bf's sweatshirt (especially since it smells like him). But I was also wondering-girls, what do you think when a girl is wearing her bfs clothes? I go to an all girls school and want to wear my bf's school sweatshirt (he goes to the all-boys school) to school one day, but I'm worried it will seem like I'm bragging or something.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I personally love it when a girl wears my clothes. As for what I think when she wears them is wow that's sexy as hell. Oh also I think is wow she looks good in that, and she makes that shirt look awesome. lol but yeah I say go for it nothing wrong with it. I think its pretty awesome. Well that's what I think anyways.


What Girls Said 1

  • Nooooo, go for it! Girls wear guy clothes like all the time (I go to a girl and guy school) and yeah even girls who havn't got a boyfriend, a girl might wear a guys jacket if they're cold and nothing is really thought of it, I do it too :-) Like I was really cold other day and this guy had this really expensive hoodie that was extremely warm and let me wear it :-) And yea nothing at all was thought of it, I'm sure if the girls at your school do think anything of it they'll think its sweet and if they don't then think oh well, screw them :-)