To shave or not to shave?

I am an Italian guy who has tons of dark brown curly hairs growth all over my chest and stomach. Basically it looks like a brown rug carpet lying on my front body 😂
My whole legs and butt is also very hairy.
Guys, are any of you this hairy? What's your experience with girls and how do you keep it?
Girls what's your kind suggestion to me :)
Girls call me handsome face wise but I am bit insecure about my body though.


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  • This is just me, but DO NOT SHAVE! When men shave they kind of seem too feminine. I say keep it and be proud of how masculine you are. I shave and I'm a women, but don't consider men shaving hot at all.

    • O well thanks. But I am Very hairy really. Still you feel I should keep it and be proud?
      Would women be OK with it?

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    • @hairydudesrock nothing, but am hurt.
      You actually did this, finally? Can't you undo and add me back?

    • @multilevel done

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  • Shave if you want to. I am the same way but I am not dating anyone so I keep it all natural.


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  • Sure why not? If you want to shave go for it.


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