Has anyone ever got their ears pierced then this happens?

My new piercing is swollen and has pus. The pus covered the piercing but I soak my ear into warm, sea salt water and the pus went away but the piercing is still swollen. Has anyone ever experience this before? Will the sea salt continue to heal it? Is there anything else I could put on there? Can I put aloe Vera on it? I'm trying to keep calm but I will never get any more piercings. Thanks in advance.


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  • What type of ear rings were you wearing when it got infected? It could have been a cheaper metal and it's just something your body was allergic to

    • I don't know what type of earrings they were😕 That could be a reason but I think it's because I irritated it which is why it's swollen.

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    • No problem! Yes my ear is doing better.

    • Awesome. Thank for the update

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  • Swelling is usually normal and if the earing doesn't have enough room to swell it might swell even more, stick with the sea salt soaks make sure you're not putting a lot of sea salt as it can dry out your ear.


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  • It's just infected, keep cleaning it.