Girls, with CURLY hair &/or Stylists! I need advice/suggestions?

I have super curly hair - aka an S curl. Really tight ringlets & then a nice top layer of frizz... when I do style it, I have to use a lot of product & twirl the "pesky" strands with my finger, so they don't look frizzy & sloppy.Girls, with CURLY hair &/or Stylists! I need advice/suggestions?
Anyone have any good recommendations for shampoos, conditioners - mainly leave-in conditioners &/or styling products?

I've also heard from most stylists that longer is better, but I *kind of* have an inkling to cut it short... thoughts?

**Note - podium pic I did my hair & the pink dress pic a stylist did it & she did braid the top part, but i just wanted you to see the curls


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  • I use moroccan curl definition or strictly curls by Marc anthony

  • Why dont you cut it all off into a short pixie cut then. It will sort your problem out

  • Strictly Curls by Marc Anthony (it's a yellow squeeze tube that comes in a yellow box)! The Perfect Curl Cream is my fave, and my hair texture is similar to yours. You only have to use a quarter sized dollop every time you wash your hair. Don't use the shampoo and conditioner, it made my hair get knots and super frizzy and it was horrible trying to rebalance it after. As for shampoo, I actually use Johnson's baby wash once a week for a very thorough clean (usually Friday) then condition my hair every other day with and coconut based conditioner. Organix is always a good option!

    But seriously, washing my hair with shampoo once a week saved my hair, because apparently that is what often causes breakage which leads to frizz. Only get your hair wet every other day, so your hair can retain some of its natural oils! Also Organix has some serums that come in small bottles that are really good for the end, after finishing one bottle during the winter, I usually don't need to use it until next fall!

    Hope this helps and good luck!

    • Cool thanks! :) I'm used to showering daily... I want to smell nice & all :) Do you put your hair in a swim cap or something to keep it dry? How do you keep your body clean on a daily basis?

    • I shower everyday at least once, but typically I shower once in the morning and once in the evening. Usually I pull my hair into a tight bun every other day when I shower and don't want to get it wet. If you have a lot of baby hairs, just put it into a shower cap, but it honestly doesn't matter if a bit of the root gets wet as the least healthy part usually seems to be the ends! But yah, just try to avoid getting your hair wet! :)

    • Awesome! Thanks!! 😊