How can Muslim girls wear long sleeves, high necks, layers and long pants in the summer?

The reason I ask, is that I *love* winter clothes and I would love to wear long sleeves, jeans, etc... all year round, so I want to know how they do it!


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  • It's not only Muslims who live in the middle east or very warm climates.

    Here's a quick and easy explanation

    • I was actually thinking of Muslims that live here in the USA! I see these beautiful headscarves and long sleeve shirts, and jeans, and I'm thinking, I want to wear that but I think I would keel over from the heat! I just wonder how they do it?

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    • When I was in Tunisia I wore a kaftan a few times. It's more comfortable than suit and tie.

    • @jacquesvol That's so cool! Haha literally.


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  • They manage it in the Middle East because it keeps the sun off their skin. They might be cooking a little bit under the clothes but it's still better than burning. Same reason turbans and shemaghs are also worn by people who aren't Muslim or religious in the desert.

  • The fabric is very light think.

  • They put it on there body. that is how a person wears cloths


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