What am I doing wrong?

Ok. So here's the deal. I'm 16 and I really have no experience with dating and relationships. I've only done something with one guy. He was one of my best friends. One night, 3rd base, he cheated on his girlfriend with me. I've felt like a whore ever since.

Guys have never really been interested in me. I'm a little on the heavy side, shy, a bit of a bookworm, sarcastic, and a tomboy. I'm starting a new school in the fall and I'm really hoping to get a guy interested in me. What do I need to do?

Wear makeup?

Dress differently?

Change my attitude?

What exactly gets guys interested in girls?

What am I doing wrong?


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  • It's not what other people see it's how you see yourself. Guys look for confidence and there's nothing wrong with being different sometimes its an attraction all in itself. Don't change be yourself and walk in to your new school like you own the place. Talk to every guy you think is cute and you will see a positive reaction to those that find you entrusting and attractive. Before long someone will be chasing you down to keep the conversation going. Don't get discouraged by negativity and be proud of who you are and what you want. Jeff


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  • your not a whore first of all, try not to feel like that =(

    being shy is ok btw- I'm going out with a shy girl.i would say like, find a shy guy and be aggressive =D if you can, that is.

    dress differently definitely gets initial attention just don't go overboard- and I'm still unsure about makeup, up to you.

    gets guys to like you: do something pro that they like, my girlfriend is a black belt like me and thus- common interest etc

    if your a "bookworm" just play console/computer games and I'm sure you can pick from 50% of guys at your school with just that alone. guys like girls that play games

  • First off, you need to have confidence. If you don't have confidence, then you will get used by guys. If you don't like your body, then do something about it. There are gyms everywhere. You start going to the gym and seeing a little bit of a difference, and it will make a world of difference in your confidence. Sarcasm is not really a great way to attract guys. It can be abrasive if it's too over the top. But as far as makeup and dress, it depends on what you wear.


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  • don't feel like a whore, because that what had happened to me; when my best friend was cheating on his girlfriend.

    guys don't really have to be interested in you, because no matter what you are beautiful girl, and don't worry I'm always like what you are & you should always dress up more prettier than anyone else.

    you should wear make-up, dress different, change your internal life, like; don't read stop dressing up as a tomboy, and don't eat like a guy because you should always be a beautiful girl with a great senses of humor!

    you should always be your self and not having anyone controlling but you just have to listen to what people thinks about you & try to think about yourself & try to make a difference in yorself, to feel more free in your self than anyone else that can't do shit to you!