If you were the other sex what kind of style do you think you'd wear?

So obviously this question isn't for crossdressers since they do it already. I'm wondering about people who like to wear the clothing that is usually associated with their gender what style they think they'd rock if they were the other sex.


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  • Oooh I love this question. I would basically dress in outfits that I find attractive on males.

    Some of the outfits I would wear:
    - Button up shirts (with sleeves rolled halfway) + khaki pants
    - V neck shirts + jeans or khaki's
    - Collared shirts + jeans/khaki's
    - long sleeve tees + jeans/khaki's
    - tshirts + basketball shorts + Nike socks + branded running shoes (Nike, adidas, etc.)
    - fitted tshirts + sweats + running shoes

    And I would incorporate a lot of different types of blue colors within my wardrobe (light, baby, sky, midnight, dark blue) because I find it really attractive when guys wear blue.

    Hope this answers your question and I hope some more guys answer too.

    • Haha you went extensive. I'd probalby wear a lot of the same what I wear (you know just female styled jeans instead of mens) a lot of my tshirts and shoes could easily be worn by a girl. I'd probably wear a lot of sundresses and I've always thought rompers were cool (like this encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/shopping and those like gladiator sandals a lot of girls wear that cover all the way up their calf as well as just ankle ones.

    • Haha, you have good taste. 😎

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