What do you think of this outfit?

I am getting a new style, kind of like this one: link

I was thinking that I will just put in some color in it and maybe add a scarf. And I might get a sweater that has some more attitude, but I don't have an exact picture of that in my mind.

I was also thinking of putting in a leather jacket there and just have a t-shirt under.

What do you think of it? Any ideas to improve it? I am single now so I am hoping to impress some girls =)


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  • Sounds pretty sophisticated and hot to me. :D Not so sure on the scarf, you'll have to be picky with that one, especially with the style and print; don't want any girls thinking your cute, but think your gay too. xD I say go for it though. :P


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  • It's nice.


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  • I think it's a great outfit as-is. I'd forget the scarf and go with the look straight from the link. If you prefer a bolder sweater then that's your call, but I think the one in the link looks good; it doesn't draw too much attention away from the overall outfit, but it also has enough character to avoid being bland.