Rate my looks?

So I've never been able to decide whether I'm ugly, average, or attractive. My perception of my looks always seems to be changing. I thought it would be nice to get some outside opinions from the experts.

You can be honest. It won't hurt my feelings, promise. Uploaded two pictures to my profile.


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  • First of all,let me add the fact that every girl is different.In other words,we all have different ways of thinking and viewing things.Thefore,if a girl finds you attractive,another girl might think you're not.Sucks,but it's human nature.I also hope that you don't mind the fact that I'm only 16,because some guys your age might think I'm too young and what not- -Personally,I find you attractive.Actually,I would find you even more attractive if you smiled.Some guy don't smile because they don't like their teeth and if you're one of them,just keep your smile subtle as in smile,but with you mouth close- -no teeth showing.Girls like that and I find it super sweet.But seriously,giving the "serious look" to some women might intimidate them,making you not approachable.So try smiling more.

    And about your hair- -Well,your hairstyle looks nice on you,but it's a bit too long,so trim it a bit.The current facial hair you have suits you,but I also think you should get a goatee instead because in my opinion,it would look much better.Like something similar to what Robert Downey has.For example: link Not only because you'll look more clean,but also because most women prefer little to no hair at all.And most importanly,if you do decide to keep some facial hair,keep it well-groomed and trimmed.Keeping your hair well-groomed and trim will give people the image that you care about your looks and personal hygiene.

    Once again,girls like that,but then again,who doesn't?Also,be confident,but not cocky- -this sounds hypocritical coming from me due to the fact that I don't have much confidence myself,but like guys,girls like a person with confidence.It usually give the appearance that the guy is comfortable in his own skin and that he knows what he wants.BTW,you answered my question,so I thought it would be nice of me to return the favor.It was an anonymous,but I'm pretty sure it won't be hard to figure it out due to the fact that the only question you've answered is mine.Nevertheless,I wish you goodluck :)


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  • where's the picture

  • You look attractive. To me, that is.


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  • I'm not gay, but I've gotta say, you look pretty good. Kinda rugged; the stubble-grit seems to suit your face (maybe experiment with the mustache though).

    I say somewhere between average and attractive (not that I'm a good judge of male beauty) but confidence is always attractive, and if you were confident (not cocky, but confident within yourself) you could be rated attractive.

    Almost reminds me of Tom Cruise from the side actually; Maybe ask this again later, when there's more people on.