He broke up with me because "I was too innocent"?

I dated a guy for a few months and things were great in the beginning. We are both in the same school, though he is a year below me. On the 4th date (which was a couple weeks in), we had the sex talk and I told him that I was a virgin. Now let me say first off that while I may be a virgin, I'm not a goody two shoes and I'm not waiting until marriage. It just hasn't happened yet because of various reasons, mostly because it just never felt right. I don't consider my virgin status to be some treasure but I don't feel ashamed of it. Anyway, he told me that he'd had 7 partners, a couple of them being one night stands. Alright, whatever. He also told me that he lost his virginity at 14. Anyway, I thought everything was going along well, but apparently (without my knowledge) he'd created this image of me being some huge goody goody prude. As we were breaking up he told me that he was afraid that I would turn into some psycho freak if we slept together and then broke up down the road. I believe his exact words were "I don't think we're right for each other." He said he didn't want to deal with that. Oh yeah, he also said that he still cared about me and that he wanted me in his life. LOL ummm what? He still attempts to hang out with me (I don't really want to) and always acts like we're good friends when we run into each other at school. Believe me, I know (now) that we're not right for each other so this isn't an attempt to get him back. It's just that I almost laughed in his face when he gave me that reason because it sounded so ridiculous. So Guys/Gals, is this a legit reason?


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  • It's legit in the sense that he may have experienced issues with a past girlfriend that was a virgin or had a buddy that went through that situation. To be fair sometimes it can be more trouble then it's worth. But to have him flip flop around about still liking you etc it is just weird and dumb.


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  • a guy did the same to me... but he had sex with me first then he dumped me. what a naive girl I used to be.