I am an Asian girl. Do white guys like Asian girls?

I got here just 3 months ago. I started to like one white boy seriously. But I don't have any class with him.. I just see him in school library every morning. He doesn't know even my name.

Ive never seen him that plays with other girls, and he always study in the library... look really calm :). Please give me some advice!

what style do white boys like?which style do they prefer? how do they think about Asian girls?


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  • As I always to these kinds of questions, some are attracted and others may not be. You have to put yourself out there to find that out though. Make sure he realizes that you like by smiling, waving, saying "hi," or striking up a conversation.


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  • depends on the guy. I personally do so I know that's one white guy who likes asian girls.


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  • Do not change yourself to be what a white boy likes. You should never, ever change who you are (even if it's just a hairstyle) to please anyone other than yourself.

    You should be completely and totally confident and comfortable with who you are a person, regardless of what others will think of you.

    And from my experience, there are plenty of white guys like Asian girls. But I'm sure there are some that don't. It's all personal preference.

    Stay you, you AZN Biatch. ;-)