Is something that is "natural" better than something that has been artificially changed?

I have a sense that young people believe that anything that is natural must be better. I don't think that belief withstands logical scrutiny, but it seems to be the prevailing "wisdom." So, if natural is better, why do you get tattoos and body piercings? Nothing could be more unnatural than a previously attractive girl whose neck is now covered in tattoos! Nothing is more artificial than a guy with gauged ears! Isn't this inconsistent?

  • Yes, believing that natural is better is inconsistent with getting tattoos or piercings.
  • No, believing that natural is better is not inconsistent with getting tattoos or piercings.
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  • I thought this was going to be about natural food vs artificial. :D

    • Yes, I threw a curve ball with this question.

      Everything that is natural is not better. Hemlock is natural but it wasn't so good for Socrates.

    • mahah I thought it was gna be a bunch of boys hating on boob jobs again (as if their opinion were even relevant there)

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  • Well from my understanding about my generation the whole natural kick is about two things: not killing the planet as fast as we currently are, and not being sick/fat. They don't really care about doing things naturally. If they did they'd ditch their clothes, leave their air conditioned homes, and live under some trees picking fruit and digging for tubers. It's really just a blanket term used to describe making a shift away from industrialized culture to a culture slightly more biologically conscious and integrated with the rest of the planet. It's really more about freedom. They don't want to be saddled with the expensive burden of a damaged environment and as a result are trying to force the current economy to start making changes now instead of throwing all the work into their generation. But at the same time they want to keep all the luxuries that came with the Industrial Age. Which includes it's social freedoms. The upsurge of tattooing and piercings are all about self expression rather than what tattoos use to symbolize ( affiliation with some lifestyle). So in a way my generations behavior is not contradictory at all the labels that are being used are just not very good at expressing what really concerns this generation. The number of "environmentally conscious" young adults I've seen who can't be persuaded to even visit a nature preserve is ridiculous. They don't care about nature they care about losing their comforts to global warming.


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  • Im guessing you asked this question bc of my response to your answer to my question. I got mine to honor my dad. I tattooed his signature so i can take him wherever i go (at least that how it feels like). I don't see anything wrong with it. It will be stupid if i tattooed something that has no meaning to me. Its natural to want to keep those you love near you.

  • Tattos and piercings don't make someone fake. It's just an added detail. What makes someone fake is lip injections, boob job, lots and lots of makeup etc.


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  • A tattoo, when having a very sentimental meaning, along with an elegant design, can be beautiful. Also placement is key. Back tattoos i find the best...

    Anyway, yeah piercings are bleh.

    Also like @Mustachekitteh said, I thought this would he about food lol

  • Yes I find natural more attractive..
    I have no tattoos and I find tattoos unattractive, I have an ear piercing though.
    Also I don't like makeup on girls.