Am I too dressy for a 19 year old?

I really like to feel good and be well groomed and polished but I keep getting told by some that I am just stunning to see that I take care of myself then others tell me that I am overdone.



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  • I totally agree with Mary and also the 2 guys show good points as well aspecialy the part of people may get the impression that you think that you are better than them I thought that was a very good point. I think if you feel happy and good in your appearance and it gives you confidence then dress that way :) its much better to be happy for the person you are and happy wearing what you like to wear and being confident because of it rather than uncomfortable and feeling less like yourself and always feeling that little insecure because of not being happy in what your wearing. I think what you are wearing looks nice and you look happy and it totally suits you and that your appearance looks nice so honestly I wouldn't worry about what people think (not everybody's going to like your style same as you won't like everybody's style either) I think you should dress the way you feel happy dressing and the way you want to dress and the style that represents you and that you should just be yourself :) and if you do ever feel that you maybe be abit too dressed up for what you are doing you could always dress you clothes down abit (doesn't mean you have to change you style or you clothes but just change what you wear your clothes with) say maybe wear you shirt with a different jacket that looks less dressy or a different sort of shows or maybe jeans (they don't have to look scruffy or anything just more casual) it is possible to dress nice whilst being casual and also still being well groomed and polished. But I say be who you want to be and dress how you want to dress and dress in what you feel happy and comfortable in and what seems you :) don't dress in stuff that you wouldn't dress in and is not you at all just for the sake of making other happy :) sorry for the long answer ! and I hope this answer was ok lol :)


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  • confidence is key, so dress up or not, if you carry it well u're good!


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  • there is a balance brother! but the main thing is do what you want. you like to dress fancy do it!

    just also remember that you might accidentally offend someone becuz you always dress up. so they might get the impression that you "think you're better than them" or something.

    so if you dress up make sure you are always just another human being. be humble.

    if worse comes to worse just balance out when to dress up and when to be casual.

    good luck to you brother!

    have a great night! :)

  • Depends, what are you dressing up for?

    If you are dressing up in a suit to go to the corner shop or something then yeah way overdone. I dress in a suit to meet clients but even then I don't dress up to meet all of them. Some of my clients are quite casual in which case I adjust to blend better with them. If I'm hanging out with friends its jeans/shirts etc or at home well hey whatever is clean and hasn't been on the floor too long lol.

  • Dude, I'm the same way lol...19 aswell and like to wear vests, dress shirts, and ties. I too like to be well groomed but my parents are the ones who tell me I'm always overdressed haha.

    but honestly its our choice you know haha.

    dress how you want man.