What will guys do in this situation?

if you like a girl a lot. what would you do to attract her?


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  • I personally try to make her laugh. I wanna show her my personality. If a girl is not interested because of looks it should be apparent rather quickly. Playful flirting and banter is a constant. Also any sort of unnecessary but playful contact. For example if she is walking by I would step back just to bump her, then sarcastically over react and end with a smile. I also look for eye contact. I am trying to have her be interested in me, so I want to see if she is looking at me. I wouldn't want to over do anything. I always like to portray a level of being unattainable.


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  • If a guy likes a girl a real lot he would do everything in his power to get your attention and impress you, more than often making a fool of himself(in a good,cute way)

    But remember if a guy says he likes you he likes you

    If a guy touches your arm he touches your arm.

    We really don't have hidden agendas. What we feel is what we express.

  • i normally write a song, always with her name in it. and I play it around her and watch her smile and blush helplessly every time I do it, then things fall naturally into place.

  • if I was trying to attract a women I would go up to her and start a conversation. ask her about herself 24/7 you know ? complement her, just do anything to make her feel good about her self . although most guys are shy and they will just stare at you and hope by dropping hints that you will start to be attracted to him .

  • I'd put on a bunny costume and do a little dance for her.

    I hope you understand I'm just joking.

    Now the serious part. I think I would wait until she's alone for some time and gather up the courage to speak to her. Asking about her hobbies and mostly about things she likes. It's a proven fact that 90% of the people like to talk about themselves either they admit it or not.


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