Tips and tricks to get rid of a bad tan?

After 7 months of having to wear the same cut shirt in blistering heat and intense sunlight, I am the very disgruntled owner of a hardcore farmer's tan. And I want it gone. ASAP. Now, for me specifically, I don't want to try and tan more in order to even it out because I'm naturally very ghostly pale and covered in freckles. That makes it easier for UV radiation to royally fuck me up. I legit want to erase the tan, but I'm pretty clueless in the area of cosmetics so I kinda need a push in the right direction. Advice?


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  • Rubbing with lemon juice is said to work, but i've never tried or witnessed it. Maybe it's an old wives tale?

    • Thank you, although I'm not sure how 'helpful' I was lol.

    • Heaps more helpful than the other two, that's for sure. Lol At least you suggested a legitimate remedy and not a cover up or bullcrap prevention! Also, lemon juice is a pretty effective lightening agent, so it should help fade the tan until I can get my pale skin cells back to the surface. :)


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  • Start using sunscreen so that it won't be more tan and then try to wear fully packed clothes for a while and you can also use some treatments for tanned skin :P

    • Sunscreen preventing tanning is a myth, I used sunscreen a lot. And what treatments?

    • There are many treatments but I only know about male one's but you can know about it on internet and beauty parlour also 😂 LOL
      And sunscreen protects skin from tanning 💁

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  • Maybe with make-up?

    • How does makeup get rid of a tan? Won't it just sit on top of it?

    • You can try. Ask someone in sephora! They should help better!