Get rid of pimples fast?

Hey y'all
So I'm suffering from acne. It's actually not that bad, but the problem is that I always have it. Nothing seems to work for me. Does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of acne?


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  • Basically u can't do anything to stop them except waiting. In some complicated cases the doc will give u Retane which will end it. I find this drug has a lot of down sides tho (it makes ur skin dry for a long period, redness and irritation) all of my siblings used it they were able to get results faster than me they got rid of their acnes younger than I did
    My acnes vanished last year and I used to use soaps , lotions and masks just to make my face always as clean as possible.


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  • Keep in mind that hormones are at an all time high right now, being a teenager. So, a lot of times, you can wash your face as much as you want and you'll still find ways to break out. That's because your body's hormones are fluctuating constantly. If that's the case (as in you've tried everything), birth control is a possibility. Ask your doctor for advice on which kinds help most with acne.

    If it's just hygiene that's the case, purchase some oil-free acne wash and use it twice daily. On warm or particularly oily days, you can use oil-blotting sheets to remove any excess oil from your skin, and, of course, avoid picking at your skin and popping pimples as this can lead to scarring in the future.


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  • I use many things. I will use clearasil spot treatment, biore ice blemish wash (I think thats what its called) and I will also put ice on the painful ones. If you pop them like I do sometimes and you want to heal them use Aquaphor.
    If your acne becomes a real problem that won't go away try getting to a dermatologist and see if they can give you clindamicin. That works well.

  • use tooth paste, it drys them up