Clothing Styles For Girls With Very Long Legs?

So my girlfriend has very long legs and her torso seems kind of small proportionally. She's really self-conscious about it, even though I always tell her I love her body.

But anyway, are there any specific types of clothing she could wear that would "balance" her out a bit? Anything in particular she should avoid?

Thanks a lot!


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  • I know that if she tries boot cut jeans with a tank top that she can pull down over the top of her jeans then that should do it. That's pretty much all I could wear before my body surpassed the crazy adolescense stage. Or dresses that go about mid-thigh.

    Note: this should all depend on where her torso curves are and how high up

    Here are some examples: link



    ^highly reccomended for her body type^

    :) show her that you love her for her (oh and have her avoid ruffled tube tops)

    • Thanks! That was really helpful, and she really likes tank tops, so that all works! Haha


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  • i have the saaame thing, super long legs and a short torso. I'll just mention what to avoid, since most of the other girls mentioned what to wear. For me I usually stay away from:

    -tucking my top into my pants...cuz that most definitely makes my waist look even shorter

    -those "half tops" the ones that cut off right below the boobs. UNLESS I'm wearing a long tanktop or shirt under it to balance it out

    -high waisted pants/skirts/shorts

    -short tops

    yaa that's pretty much all I can think of right now lol. yaay for long legs :)

  • longer tops should do the trick, I get these tank tops at old navy to put under shirts since most shirts are shorts on me, I'm 5'10 and can pull them down over my butt if I wanted to so they should definitely be long enough to elongate her torso, dresses are another option. sounds like she's lucky to have a guy that cares so much, on all the makeover shows they try to make peoples torsos shorter and legs longer so she should be proud :)

    • Http://

      try those too

  • I have very long legs and a short torso. my torso is really short its only the size of my stretched out hand! It doesn't bother me at all I don't know why your girlfriend would be insecure about it. if anything it's a good thing, I think I'd rather have my short torso/long legs and short legs and a long torso that would be kinda weird.'

    she could wear long shirts, tunics, stay away from high waists, wide leg pants

  • I have the same problem and I just do what SPINALITTLEFASTER said. That's pretty much all I wear. And the other answer was right, I know girls who are extremely unhappy with short legs and would kill for long legs so embrace who you are!

  • I guess she should avoid skinny jeans (b/c they make your legs seem even longer) and short tops.

    Longer tops will also make your torso seem more in proportion to her legs

    PS tell her to be proud of her long legs! I know girls who would kill to have longer legs


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