I was called for an interview at McDonalds, what kind of suit fits for the event?

An employer called me regarding a digital marketing job vacancy I applied recently and he told me that the interview will be at MacDonalds. So what should I wear? Sound like they just want to have a chat so does that mean I should go business casual or something? or since it's an interview anyway, should I go all suited up with a tie as an usual interview?

And what do you think about having an interview at that kind of place? does it happen usually?

need help
FYI, it's not a job at MacDonalds, it's just the place digital marketing company's guys want to meet me


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  • Strange place to meet for an interview. I would say business casual, because suit and tie seems like over kill for such a casual setting, but it's up to you.


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  • I would go suited up if I were you. Like you said it is still an interview and in my mind its always better to be overdressed than underdressed.


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  • MacDonals or McDonalds ?


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