Is a brazillian blowout healthier than using daily hair-care products?

Hey hair masters! I've been wondering this for a long time! Is a brazillian blowout better in the long run than using daily hair-care products?

My hair was a dyed mess-- stiff, brittle, and coarse. Until I learned how to care for my hair. I'd shampoo, condition, apply blow dry protective serum, blow dry it, and apply invisible oil. Now my hair is pretty healthy state, though it does get dry sometimes. It's not 100% healthy, but it's definitely an improvement.
Brazillian Blowout healthier than using Daily hair-care products?

I was considering to get a brazillian blowout-- but I heard it's the botox version for hair. It doesn't provide lasting effects. It's just a temporary solution. But there's that part of me that has hope for it.

So this brings me to the mind boggling question on which option is better for my hair? To keep investing into this hair regime, or to get a brazillian blowout?


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  • Blow dry less, wash your hair less (I wash mine every week). Deep condition as much as you can to keep that hair happy and don't get the blowout, no need. Dry shampoo to lessen product build up and you should be good :)

  • I never had a brazillan blowout!

  • Your hair looks beautiful now, that's an impressive transformation. You must be doing something right. Don't add more chemicals to your hair by getting a blowout. I think what you're doing might work best for you in the long run so keep at it with your current hair regime!