Kylie jenner lip kit... help?

Hi I was just wondering if anyone knows when Kylie Jenner will get a new stock of her lipsticks when and what time? I currently don't have her app to check and every time I check Kylie cosmetics they are Always sold out 😊 Thanks


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  • I honestly wouldn't waste my money on that garbage

    • Thanks for the advice but I personally would like to buy the product I've already seen that video and things before and I'm still intrested I just want to know when the next sale is that's all I don't need any other advice 😊

  • @ nadiaidder posts the update times on Instagram so you can go on and buy! They usually sell out within half an hour so you have to be quick. She's the reason I have 3 lip kits and 3 glosses 😊

  • You know her lips have been enhanced and the make up the Kardashians do is bad for your skin etc right? Stay clear and get a proper cosmetic company's things instead. U dont need to buy their rubbish you can still get the same effects with others...

    • Yes it'd obvious her lips have been changed and I know their makeup may not be good for your skin etc but most popular makeup isn't actually most makeup in general isn't but I am intrested in it and would like to perches the product.