What do guys look for in a girl?

Besides maybe short skirts and high heels do you like a girl to be outgoing with a bubbly personality, shy and quiet, or neutral? Maybe an intelligent girl or funny or nice whatever...


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  • when it comes to physical appearance, I don't mind too much.. most girls nowadays are pretty.. just someone cute.. even if I want to be a little picky, I can find girls that fit the physical aspect of it.. the problem is the personality.. I want someone that knows what they want in life, that is outgoing, random, sense of humor is a huge thing.. ultimately I think id like understanding to link all of those things.. I haven't had a serious relationship in 4 years because I can't find anyone that fits that criteria.. the ones that do are 1) smokers (bleh) or 2)have a bf/fiance/married or 3) getting over an asshole ex and still kinda want them back or 4) are single mothers.. at this point I see myself dating a single mom because when I decide to have my own family, I wouldn't want to deal with anyone else (the othe father).. or any other complications from the halfsister/brother.. but anywho, yea all the other girls I've met 1) aren't lookin for anythin serious 2) slept w my best friend 3) don't have goals 4) just can't wait to have kids and start a family and take care of them and don't have much ambitions..

    then again I live in vegas

    • You need to move to the southeast. plenty of girls like how you described there.

    • Just realized there was a typo.. I meant "..at this point I DONT see myself dating a single mom.."


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  • Outgoing and bubbly more or less does it for me. I would like to think I'd want an intelligent girl, but I don't actually plan on having any deeply intellectual conversations with a girlfriend.

    I don't think there are any set prerequisites for dating someone; if she comes off as someone I want to be with, that's enough. If's she's cheerful and happy and fun to be around, I'd want to date her. It's part of the reason I don't date as many shy girls; I don't get really get as many opportunities to see how much fun they can be. Funny is great, nice is great, but mostly it's whether she makes for enjoyable company (which nice, funny girls usually are). And is, you know, hot.

  • Neutral in all aspects.

  • intelligence girls are always the best kind of girls.


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  • Just show up naked, with food. And don't stand in front of the tv. :)