Selfie in a Red Lip, GaGers😉💋💄?

I LOVE these types of questions lol! Hopefully people actually get on board with it. 💋
I've done questions like this asking gagers to show us their eyes, handwriting, even their lip bite ;P so yeah have fun with it, it's not a competition lol.

There's something about red that's just so sexy. It's kind of like that feeling when you wear high heels. As soon as you wear a red lip, you go from 0-100 real quick, and now you suddenly think you're Beyoncé.

If you're a girl: come on ladies, wanna see that BOMB AF lipstick! #girlsrunGaG 😂 Heck even if there's some snapchat filter with a red lip!

If you're a guy: I DARE YOU to either photoshop yourself with a red lip [you think it ain't possible? ask @mistnigqa808 😂 ] OR if you've got a lady in the house, take some of hers 😂


here's mine:
Selfie in a Red Lip, GaGers😉💋💄?Can't wait! :D 💋


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