2 part cologne question ladies?

first what kind do you like haha, I have very sexy for him, polo blue, and I've had aqua di gio but I think too many guys wear that, so any of those or some other one?...

and do you usually not say anything when you smell it cause my friends and I wear that stuff (and no we don't wear too much), but its rare that a girl says oh you smell nice or whatever


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  • I don't tell a guy that he smells good unless I really like him. lol I think smelling and commenting on it is really personal

    I don't know what those smell like, or at least I don't think I do

    • Yeah, I have worn the same things for years, and only after we got erm... really close did she start telling me that I smelled nice. I think it is something that girls don't do all that often.

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  • actually I love adidas moves or tim mcgraw's southern blend. lol they smell sooooo good. but I usually don't say anything, but sometimes I do. I think my friend put it best- sometimes a guy smells so good you just want to hug him. Or steal his shirt lol.

  • i give like all my guy friends hugs all the time and that's when I usally smell it and if I like it I tell them! maybe you arn't puttingon enough.. or just not huging enough :P I also like axe and cologne that smells like guy; you no spicy and manly... maybe try cinnamon! :P

  • same, I only tell a guy he smells good if I really like him lol. so there's a signal for you.

    old spice always does I for me- it's very clean and not too fragrance-y.


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