Girls, Ladies! Do you like guys in leather jackets? What kind?

My personal opinion of leather jackets changes. I feel like it fits the douchebag category, but then I see some awesome jackets on average looking polite men and it makes them more appealing. My favourite out of all leather jackets is the bomber style with a hood. Or if it has no hood, then a hoodie under it and the hood hanging behind or being worn. I find that look amazing on guys (meaning I'd love to wear it) and it looks super sexy on women. The types of leather jackets I hate are with the loose waist and cuff. I don't ever plan on wearing those.
Now, is a leather jacket gross to you in the first place?
Do you agree or disagree with the bomber look being better?

Aside from the real animal skin debate tell me how you think it looks.
Feel free to add photos, if that's possible.
I plan on losing weight and spending some cash on a bomber hooded jacket and I want to know some people find it a goof look.
Thanks for any advice/input!
Have an awesome day!


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What Girls Said 3

  • I don't like leather so no.

  • Yeah I find it hot.

  • I also find it hot