Guys what are some things?

what are some cute silly things that girls do that just makes you wanna be with her that makes you just melt


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  • 1- smile

    2- Laugh

    3- do not use swear words or be rude

    4- a ''light'' flirt would fire me up

    5- I like girls who stand straight and confident .

    6- Be genuinely happy

    7- I like girls who has a hobby they adore. or a sport they are committed to . Not a girl who follows me around all the time.

    8- Keep eye kontakt , and if you decide to break eye kontakt don't look in the ground , look at one of your girlfriends and laugh.

    That is what I can think of right now

  • a girl spent the night on my couch the other night and when I woke up and went out to smoke she was sleeping with the cover over her head. I know its weird but I found that very cute


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