Why can't I like him?!

There's a guy that has liked me for two years. He's super sweet he always flirts with me and messes with me and doesn't care if his friends give him hell about it and when everyone says you two make a cute couple he says "I know" and he texts me and when other guys do something mean like one guy said he'd date me if I was hotter he told he didn't have any right to say that to me because I was beautiful and all these things..but I just don't like him. I don't know why, I've tried to but I don't think of him as anything more then a friend...does anyone have any idea why this is or is there no explanation for it?


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  • You both never had an opportunity to start an attraction. In order for an attraction to start you have to see each other as equals or more. You obviously don't. You see him as a lesser to you and as such you don't want him. He obviously sees you as more then you probably even see yourself so he is completely smitten. It is because of this that assholes are so skilled with girls. They lower girls down to their level or less and the girls feel an automatic attraction to them. You may not like this, but that is just how it is lol.

  • Is it possible you don't like his look so subconciously you just don't c him as a potential? Liking someone usually can't be forced, it just happens. Like with my 1st girlfriend I didn't rly like her that much more than a friend, but I asked her out anyway and a week later my friend asked me to fill in for his friend for winter formal because he was sick. When I went with this girl it was then that I realized I liked this girl more than a friend. You may not be able to force it, but there is a chance that somthing can happen that creates a spark. Finding that spark is the hard part and can take a while. Think about what you want in a relationship and ask yourself if he can give it to you. That might create the spark you need


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