Can a guy act like he's not looking at a girl?

I was wondering when a guy likes you he will mostly likely look at the girl but can a guy act like he's not looking at a girl?. For example a the girl is standing in the hallway with her girl friends, he looks at her from a distance away but when he gets close he just walks straight and with his head up looking forward.


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  • If he does this consciously it simply means he has game. It always helps get a girl's attention when you don't face her directly unless she earns it, when you don't lean in, when you speak slow and with a good audible tone, when you smile, when you get distracted with other things around from time to time, when you befriend her friends, etc..

    • However the way you describe it that he look you from far first and approach directly it only means he was nervous. If she already caught you looking at her the best you can do is approach her directly looking straight at her eyes with a smile and have contact like a shake hand if you don't know her, or if you know her a hug.


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  • I always look when I'm up close too, haha. But that's why I wear I glasses.


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  • Sounds like a lot of useless effort for the guy to act like he's not looking. Maybe he just wasn't looking.