He wouldn't look at her?

My guy & I went to his friends birthday party over the weekend. We've had trouble in our relationship in the past and I was never invited to any get-togethers with him & his friends so I was excited to be there. He was already half-in-the-bag when I got there, since he was the one who took his friend out so that they could set up the surprise.

While we were there, he wasn't being very affectionate to me. I didn't really know why but I figured it was because he was with all his buddies. There was this girl there who seemed to be watching me and commenting to her friend. She would laugh at what my guy said & repeat it, stuff like that and it made me uncomfortable. When she was leaving, she said bye to all of us real loud & my guy would not look up. He made it a point to keep on gazing right into my eyes and not break his stare. He didn't even acknowledge her and I wondered why since she was supposed to be a friend. Was there something going on?


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  • This is a tough one. There could have been something that went on in the past or maybe even more recently. Or, she could just be one of his aquaintances and she knows the situation between the two of you or whatever. If you haven't asked him already, you need to ask him who that chick was and what was up with her. Seeing how you was never invited to any of their get togethers before, she could be either of the two things I suggested and she just wanted to make you feel uncomfortable.


What Girls Said 1

  • Why aren't you invited to any get-togethers? Your his girlfriend right, you should be able to go to any place he goes with his friends or unless was like a guy night out.