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Why do guys look up at the girl, and look back down at the floor?

& it's not even like he's checking her out. He looks nervous and shy as well.

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  • It means he likes you more than he likes himself.

    • That is an interesting angle - why do you say that?&Does that mean that if he stares at you instead of looking down, he likes himself as MUCH or MORE ? lol

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    • Oh .. so I should talk to him more ? than he talks to me ?

    • If you want to have anything more to do with him, sure, why not.

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  • Sounds like he is shy. Scared she might catch him looking at her.

  • Yes, you bet!

  • he likes you he likes you he likes you!

    • Really !?

  • He's probably checking you out, and is just shy.
    Does he look away right away when you look back at him?
    If you like him back, I'd say just go up to him and say hi, or even just a short conversation. If he's shy or if he does like you, then it will really build up his confidence and he'll start approaching you more often.

    • Haha , uhmm the thing is we met like last week we started talking . so then I started approaching him he kept looking down so whatever so I kept on talking to him. Then he started approaching me and saying hi . The other day I thought he was mad at me so I called to ask . he swore he wasn't, and than he waved at me and that's when this happend.. and no he just stares at me, & it doesn't matter who I'm with whether it's a guy or whoever he still says hi. & even in crowd he still notices me.

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    • Hah , awe thanks for everything but he's just being stupid now & I don't know . if he wants me than he ll come and talk to me but for now I think I'm just going to move on . thanks for everything !

    • Haha alright and no problem. Hopefully everything turns out OK and best of luck in any future issues. Don't worry, someone better will come along haha

  • he wants your vag.

  • Yeah, he's totally checking you out. Up and down? It's the classic damn-she-looks-fine-wish-she-was-mine check-out.

    • Ahaha . no like up at me , down at the floor . like nervously . and when he finally waved when I saw him , he made an awakward face but its like he was kind of holding in a smile but trying now to show it haha .

    • Yeah, I think that's a yes.

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