I hate the photos of myself?

How hard i try, i still can't take a decent photo of myself. I can't smile, i look extremely ugly (or i feel that way) even though i like my look on mirror. Do you have the same problem? What do you do to increase the quality of your look on photos?


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  • I hate my smile but that's one of the most features on myself that gets complimented on by other people, (I don't know why). I look at old photos and think wow I didn't look that bad. Or I dont look as fat as I thought I did in older pictures haha. So, I then started to love my flaws.
    My advice would be to stop mentioning how you hate your look on photos!!!
    Not everyone has a flawless picture everytime!
    Start thinking you will look amazing on this photo. When you think good things it shows!! Try it. I promise you'll see a difference Good luck :)


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  • Have you tried squinting your eyes a little when you smile? It's more genuine. Also smile showing only your upper teeth only


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  • I fucking hate taking selfies unless its some goofy snapchat filter that you know... changes your face. Otherwise, I will pretty much only do it with at least one other person, because I always think I look ridiculous.

  • Take as many pics as possible until you get it right.


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