Why do most girls consider average looking guys "ugly"??

Are girls that stuck up to think that most of them are attractive, yet the 20% of guys that are "hot" are the only attractive men in the world?

When will girls GET OVER themselves? You are not all that great. If us men were as shallow as most girls, the human race would die off.


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  • Girls don't like boys they like cars and money...

    • Most will deny it, but it's just evolution...looking for the best provider. Just bought another car, and even with the one before this one, it just drew attention. I didn't have to do anything lol

    • True I don't like the girls whose first question is about the car...you know what's on their mind... but if it works then why not, problem is if you lose the money she will leave you so don't be under any illusions.

    • You gotta show me where those girls are Brando.


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  • haha...you make a really good point.

    I recently dated someone off and on for over a year, and the decision in dating them had everything to do with how attractive he was physically, and how attracted we were to each other physically. For about a year and a half, on and off, I kept debating whether I even liked his personality.

    By the end of the year and however many months, the same guy that started out as one of, if not THE MOST attractive guy I have ever seen personally, to one of the ugliest people I have ever known - and it was based on who he was behind what he looked like physically - his personality, how insecure he was, the way that he treated me, the way that he treated other people, the way that he treated himself.

    And I can tell you that since that time period, the way that I see people, especially guys, has changed so significantly.

    Honestly, I think that who a person is, their personality, them being confident in who they are and loving who they are weighs more than how a person looks on the outside. The trick is, you have to be confident in yourself first and be comfortable with the way that you look - If you don't feel like the top 20% or whatever, then whatever you ARE feeling is what you are going to project onto everyone else.

    But I will tell you this - if a girl is basing her decision on the way that you, or any guy looks, and chooses not to date you or them because of that, then either a. she just isn't attracted to you in that way (which is more of a more chemical thing that people can't help) or b. it says more about her than it does about you. It takes a confident girl to figure out what she wants, and to go for it...it also takes a confident girl to be able to date a confident guy. So you're right in your observation in that a lot of girls want someone who will look good next to them, etc. but I can PROMISE you, that if any girl is making decisions that way, she is NOT someone that you want to date.

  • its nature, quantity vs quality. a guys role in nature is to screw as many girls as they can, the girls job is to be selective.

    • I guess that accounts for 20% of the hot guys having sex with 60% of the women in the world.

  • my opinion I think girls have some kind of pictures in there minds of the perfect guy and they compare every guy withe that pic (girls are way complicated)

    and they always compare guys with celebrity

    • Thank you! Exactly what I believe. Girls compare the average joe with ridiculously good looking celebrity guys. It's awful, but true.

  • you guys do the same thing!


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  • I wouldn't worry a great deal; looks aren't everything. I've seen plenty of good looking girls going out with some of the ugliest people I've ever seen.

    It's kind of disappointing, 'cause I know I look at least a little better.

  • Because there are a lot more beautiful women then there are beautiful men, so then they think they can get the actual good looking guy, but maybe they aren't the right type for that hot guy, so they hold out, waiting until someone comes along, and that's if they are not skanky. Otherwise they just have one night stands until they are old