Swimming Laps at gym Pool?

I am thinking about swimming laps at the gym pool. I am a pretty good swimmer.

i have been lifting weights for a few years and have a nice Vee, and decent abs.

Would i I be okay wearing a speedo? I used to play water polo when I was in high school and it's easier to swim in speedos.

Yo yo yo peeps
A little help here


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  • you do you dude. wear whatever u want and if people doesn't like what they see then they should look away. personally if i was a guy i would never wear speedos but that's me.

    • So you'd avoid them even if you'd swim better? I'm not fat or anything.

    • there are other kinds of swimwear that makes you swim better, it's just that i don't like how it's designed and i can't say anyone who looks good in it

  • ummm they are pretty feminine, you won't be turning on any girls, but i guess it's ok if you are just there to swim..


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  • I swim in board shorts actually when doing laps. Think of it as a really long drag suit. It creates extra drag so you have more resistance when doing your workouts