What does she want?

I asked a girl out after 2 weeks she said let’s be friends. But she still kept playing with hair when I look at her, smiling at me, looking at me and always saying hi. Gives me her mobile phone number, let’s me add her on Facebook and says she is single I ask her again says she is working. Now she still looks at me with dilated eyes, tosses her hair using her hands and tries to make me jealous by talking about how it was a shame her celebrity crush had his top on. She is also sad and mops around when I ignore her. She is also fine saying hi to her guy friends in class but ignores me and just smiles at me occasionally when everyone knows that we speak.

I don’t understand why she can’t tell me she likes me or she is not interested ? I have been told that it is possibly because she is of a higher social group and she doesn’t want to risk her status but to me that shouldn’t matter. If we like each other we should be together.I also think most people can tell I don’t like a couple of her friends.

Before you say move on I am trying to move on but it still doesn't stop me from liking her.


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  • Why all the big deal about tossing her hair. Is this a shampoo advert?

    Listen. I'm going to tell you a secret.

    Girl's flirt. They do it all the time. It's as natural to them as breathing. Often they're not even aware that a guy can interpret what they're doing as flirting, so chill out.

    All those stupid songs and books and articles about body language and the secrets of lurve and all that crap? Throw 'em away. Be sincere, take knock-backs with good grace when they come and don't be afraid to ask if you want to know.

    But to spend all that time and energy worrying about "what does this mean?", "what does that mean?" - that's a pile of crap. Stop it. Leave it to the women.

    Ask her out. If she says yes then great. If she says no, then move on. Ask someone else. You're too young to be thinking about getting married and happy ever afters so chill out and enjoy soem female company.

    This girl sounds like a bit of a game player. Why do you want her anyway? Get with someone sincere and leave her and her "higher social group" to disappear up their own asses.


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  • I think she's probably less interested in you than you think she is. Girls, as a general rule, are friendly (and sometimes even flirty!) towards guys they don't necessarily "like", which causes a lot of problems for you as you try to pick up all these signals.

    Here's what I think happened:

    You liked this girl, so you asked her out. She kind of liked you, so she accepted. After a few dates, she wasn't feeling it. You're just not who she's looking for, So, she broke it off with you.

    Now, you're not "together" anymore, but she misses the attention she got from you while you were dating. So, she flirts, and gets upset when and if you don't react. Then, when she thinks things are getting too heavy or when she doesn't want to give the wrong impression to her friends, she ignores you to let you "cool off".

    Personally, I think all this "status" stuff is bullsh*t, and she's just playing with you. Take your own advice, and just move on.

  • dam this is tought. If she doesn't want to risk her status then she's not worth it. I would say get over her but I know its not as easy as it sounds. Have you tryed to get her jelous and kind of ignore her and maybe shell then realize she's losing you and will stop being dum.

  • why don't you ask another girl to hang around with you and then when the girl is around be all flirty with the girl you asked to come with u. the one that's flirting with you is just playing you dollface



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  • "Update: Before you say move on I am trying to move on but it still doesn't stop me from liking her."


    You'll meet many girls and women you like in your life. If you hope getting into a relationship wich each of them you're gonna be unhappy. Keep the relationships limited to the "happy few".

  • You made your move and she said no, now you have to move on. If she wants to be with you she's gonna have to stop playing silly games and say it ortherwise you are just wasting your time waiting for her.