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Do girls like heavy body builders or slim guys with cuts?

girls only

I asked cox I recently joined gym and I prefer cuts

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  • It really doesn't matter to me. I tend to avoid the guys who are massive from lifting because it's really a turnoff. I prefer a guy who has a neck and can put his arms down at his sides. I am not in anyway disrespecting body builders, because I know many of them are passionate and very hard working at their sport. It just is a matter of preference for me.

    If the guy lifts and is cut then that is ultra HOT! It shows me that he has an interest in his health and takes care of himself. This is a big turn on for me.

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  • hmm hard to pick between those options. honestly I prefer guys who look healthy without cuts and with a little muscle

  • An hour

  • I always prefer slim guys. I don't like guys who are huge and have veins popping out. Regular guys and skinny guys are the most attractive to me. Slim with cuts, all the way!

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    • skinny

    • ah this was so long ago, I like guys who have "lean muscle" (like andre 3000 from outkast) and I like skinny as well ( like jay burchel) I also like average and slightly chubby is O.K. body builders and guys who are really overwieght are not my type. The biggest I would go in terms of muscles is the wresteler "The Rock".

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  • just long enough to have a mind blowing orgasm =)

  • I prefer neither... I'm definitely all abt tall and lanky = )

    • what about muscle muscle mass, do you like alot, a little, professional body builder status, hardly any

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    • which 1 do you prefer?

    • does lanky mean anything to you by itself

  • slim

  • I like both, but would def prefer a slim guy with cuts. :)

    • Cool...!!!

  • I prefer slim and lean, extra muscle is alright but I'm not into the really big body builders.

  • It all depends on the girl...preferably for me a slim guy that is cut because you want to be able to hug a guy and not feel like you're hugging a tree.

    • by slim do you mean low body fat and musclular or low body fat and low muscle mass

    • I guess both because in my opinion both are still slim

  • slim because body building is over the top

  • well, depends on what you call a heavy body builder, I like guys with some muscle on them, the ones that work out a bit. But I also think skinny guys can be realy cute. The ideal body I think, would be a swimmers body for me; they are not to muscely and not to skinny. But I don't worry about body type to much. but if given the choice between body builder and slim guy, I sould choose slim guy.

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  • I really don't like huge muscles I think it is groass. I don't like really skinny guys either, I just like a little muscle and not too fat is good.

  • well I like all types of guys but if there too! heavy on the body building I'm not going to be too atracted to them.

  • I prefer either. It doesn't matter a lot to me though because I prefer a guy that reads and listens to music oppsoed to a gym-beefcake.

  • i don't like the HUGE body builders or guys that are slim with cuts... I like them strong and muscly but not too strong and muscly and I like them to be in good shape and skinny with nice abs

    • that comment comment was wicking confusing to me but as some one with abs is nice hear they count for something. I'm curious what do you consider nice like what about a lot of muscle but only 4-pack and not super defined or does it have to look like something off a bod commercial

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  • 30 minutes is good but there has to be a lot of excitement, I mean like uninhibited passion, just being so into it that we wouldn't notice the phone ringing or anything. A woman wants to feel totally consumed by her man, like she is the most miraculous, beautiful desirable woman in the world to them. Not saying long sessions aren't good, those have their place also but on average 30 to 45 minutes if it is intense.

  • Girls want sex to last 1-2 hours. Don't go over 2 1/2 hours. I makes you seem desperate.

  • It depends on different days.

    If I'm super horny I'll want to go for at least an hour..probably more.

    If not so much...then just 5 minutes or so.

    It all depends on the mood!


  • it depends on the girl and the day

  • not steroid using body builder look, but I do like big and muscular guys. like a football player type body. that doesn't mean that I won't be attracted to a slim guy, but in my opinion the perfect male body is big and muscular

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    So if you're worried about the size of your cock, the worst thing you can do is worry. the biggest turn off in bed is a guy trying too hard to seem confident when he's actually nervous. If you're nervous, just say so, she'll take it as a compliment. Keep a sense of humor in bed. And don't keep talking about the size of your cock, or keep asking if she thinks its small.

    It really doesn't matter. Unfortunately things didn't work out between me and that guy, but I really really miss the sex. He was a very smart lover.

    • Ok but I heard girl like big and thick...

  • I have never had sex, but I thought guys cannot actually last that long. I mean do you mean when you guys are actually naked and in a position for entry, or just from the start of foreplay?

    If this is not true, and they can last a while then what's the excuse for going so quick?

    I imagine I would prefer it not to be really fast and furious. I don't know never had sex, but I like to get into whatever I am doing in general. It would be a bit annoying to jump in and out of something that is potentially intense... On the other hand, might get sore, right?

    Lets say... Long enough so that I know that we were both having sex together.

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  • Not a girl, but have asked many girls this question. And the answer is almost always along the second choice. Overly big muscles is just not attractive to them.

  • Ohh Boooo, what a spoiled sport, LOL

  • i think they only like us when we are healthy and slender or somewhat toned or something. O.o

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