Do girls like heavy body builders or slim guys with cuts?

girls only

I asked cox I recently joined gym and I prefer cuts


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  • It really doesn't matter to me. I tend to avoid the guys who are massive from lifting because it's really a turnoff. I prefer a guy who has a neck and can put his arms down at his sides. I am not in anyway disrespecting body builders, because I know many of them are passionate and very hard working at their sport. It just is a matter of preference for me.

    If the guy lifts and is cut then that is ultra HOT! It shows me that he has an interest in his health and takes care of himself. This is a big turn on for me.

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  • hmm hard to pick between those options. honestly I prefer guys who look healthy without cuts and with a little muscle

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  • Ohh Boooo, what a spoiled sport, LOL

  • Not a girl, but have asked many girls this question. And the answer is almost always along the second choice. Overly big muscles is just not attractive to them.

  • i think they only like us when we are healthy and slender or somewhat toned or something. O.o