Guys, would you rather a girl have long, unhealthy hair or shorter, healthy hair?

So my hair is a couple of inches past my armpits in the front and probably four inches past my shoulder blades in the back. It is very close to halfway down my back. However, it has not been cut in a couple of years and has a lot of split ends. It really needs to be cut. It doesn't look awful, but you can definitely tell it is not healthy up close. I still get told I have beautiful hair by people and it isn't horrifically damaged.

I am really toying with the idea of cutting those dead ends off to make my hair healthier and to keep it from breaking off, since it has grown but hasn't been getting any longer because it keeps breaking off. I'm trying to take better care of it and it is making a difference, but I'm getting really sick of how bad my hair looks up close. I think I would need to cut two to three inches or more and may end up with just below shoulder length hair. I am afraid it will make me less attractive and I always hear that to guys, the longer a girl's hair is, the better. My hair does grow pretty fast when it isn't breaking, but I am very impatient and wonder if it is worth it to even try it. I'm afraid I'll really hate it.

What do you think? I've asked my friends and I have an even number of "yes" and "no" answers as to whether I should cut it. Is quantity better than quality when it comes to a girl's hair to guys?


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  • I'm not sure a guy cares a whole lot about or pays enough attention to a girls hair to know if it is extremely healthy or not. If it is unhealthy you should cut it to he length you are talking about. Shoulder length hair is a good length! The guys are usually talking about pixie cuts or bobs when hey say the do not like shorter hair on a girl


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  • Well, your hair is mid length not long anyway, and even if guys don't care, your hair should matter to yourself, taking pride in your appearance comes off as attractive, so while it's not specifically the hair they are noticing, it just gives off a lack of pride in yourself perhaps. But some people just have hair that looks unhealthy even when it is (sucks for frizzy haired people!).

    I have hair at the top of my butt crack and it is healthier than almost anyone I know, it's smooth and soft until the very tips. So length doesn't always mean health when I see people with icky shoulder length. (Not really your question I guess)

    But yeah I can imagine it gives off a "I don't care about my appearance" air, and not in a good "oh she's low maintenance and doesn't need $1000 shoes to wear shopping" but more a bad "maybe she doesn't shower..." way? You know?


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  • healthy hair wins