How can I tell if a married man is attracted to me?

First I want to say that I am not attracted to this man and I don't like him as anything more then a friend. He is married but he always stares at me and looks at me in a different way then he does towards anyone else. When we talk he looks as if he is really nervous and he gets really shy around me. He says that he is always shy but when I see him talk to other people as well as other women he is fine and talks a lot. I would never get between any ones marriage and I am against it. I just want to know if I am over looking all this or could he really be attracted to me? Please don't give me a big lecture. Thanks =)


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  • If your an attractive looking women there's no doubt in my mind he's attracted to you. Normally married men just think sexually of other women. I guess being sneaky like that is a turn on or something

  • You can't tell


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