Are you attracted to guys who play guitar or sing? And why?

Title says it all.

Just tell me why you are if you are and vice versa..


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  • personally I like a guy that plays an instrument. when they play they look so passionate about what they're doing. it shows dedication to their craft and its just interesting to learn something from the person, maybe then can share that talent with you and its nice to think that one day they can sing or play something for you, its very romantic .

    • Girls are so naive. it's amazing.

    • I would say this is the best answer... I feel more emotion while playing and singing. I just recently joined a band again and I was just wondering if it was the only reason all these chicks are approaching me,

    • That's the whole point if you play instruments, to feel emotion that can't be felt and expressed otherwise.

      it's just sad that it gets you women, even if you weren't aware of it, it's like, e.g., they really just are objects and your musical instrument is the bait. I mean, if you turn it around, idc if a girl was playing and singing it won't effect anything at all about me wanting to sleep with her.

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  • It doesn't make a difference to me. My ex did and and it never really appealed to me, like how some girls swoon over a guy just cause he plays guitar. Except it kind of made me feel like he was more emotional, but he was like a songwriter too.

  • i personally love a guy who sings! they can just sing me to so guys who sing are very attractive

  • I like to guys who can play guitar or sing, or both.


What Guys Said 1

  • but I can tell you for sure that it works, I used to play solo and in bands and when I did those things I got laid every night. it was nice, but on the other hand it's like, really? girls are that stupid that all you need is to play guitar, or have money and they'll f*** you? like you know, really? this is it? it's discouraging to me actually, to know this to be true.

    • Its sad if a girl sleeps with a guy just because he plays the guitar, but playing the instrument just adds to the personality its definitely not the only factor.

    • Well, thanks for the compliment then.