How do I heal scarring around my eyes?

I do a cheater version of winged eyeliner, I build my liquid liner out almost like an Ancient Egyptian then use a makeup wipe and my finger nail to remove the excess and form the wings. I'm as gentle as I can be while doing it but if my nails are too long, or if i redo it several times, my skin gets tender. I noticed that if I look in a zoom mirror, there are thin pale lines on the corner of my eyes from doing my liner. After a while, the lines peel off so I dont know if it is more of a callous than a scar but any advice on prevention and removal is appreciated. I have tried doing winged liner normally but I always end up going back to my method because I find it much easier.


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  • Your method doesn't sounds safe.. Try other method


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  • No one even notices it I'm sure. Don't worry so much about it