For girls who've had cosmetic surgery, do you feel like it's paid off?

I'm just curious to see if most girls who've had cosmetic surgery feel like it's paid off for them. I mean in all senses, not just in a monetary sense.


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  • My friend actually had her breasts done in Iran her home country, where we live if a procedure doesn't heal correctly or even if something happens down the line the surgeons redo it for free. In her case she can't go back and the laws aren't the same so one of her breasts ruptured and she will have to look into getting it redone and another 10,000. Other than that other people who've had nose jobs etc are happy with the outcome and m sister who had her breasts done is happy too and can still breastfeed.

  • I'm sure some love it. But what do you mean paid off? Like get more attention? Get a guy? What?

    • By paid off I mean, was it worth it? Did you get the benefit you wanted from the surgery, whether that be higher self-esteem, more attention, better career prospects, etc.