Guys: If you catch a girl looking at you, and you don't like her, do you keep looking or break eye contact?

I know most guys break eye contact when they don't want to send the wrong signals, but this guy keeps prolonging the stare. But he also gives me signs that he's not interested. Just curious to find out what you guys do. If you catch a girl looking at you, and you don't like her/don't have feelings... Show More

It's kind of a blank stare. Like it doesn't say "Omg I like you" but it's not saying "Omg I don't like you." It's like he's spacing out while looking at me, but it's not occasional like normal "spacing out", it happens a lot.

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  • if I catch a girl staring at me and I wasn't interested in her, I would break eye contact immediately to avoid sending wrong signals. however, if I liked the girl back, I would keep looking at the girl and probably smile back. then look at her again while she's not looking at me. lol. but ya for the ladies, if the fella keeps lookin at you and if he also smiles but doesn't come up to you, he's probably shy so hella the guy out and make the first move. ya never kno wats gonna happen unless you do something right?