Should I or should I not? HELP!

So they guy I've liked for about a year now has recently been rushed to the hospital and it was really bad but now he's recovering and getting a lot better and now the hospital is allowing visitors...Should I visit him because I really want to but I don't know if he would think its weird because first of all he doesn't know that I like him well I've never told him and no one has ever told him and we don't talk that much at all and we only hangout like once a month and when we do hangout he'll take me out to dinner than well go back to his house and talk and make out a lot so I feel that it might be all physical but like he'll tell me that I'm beautiful and cute and when we kiss we both start to smile then stop and just look at each other then give each other cute little kisses then start making out again so I don't know people please help! Should I visit him because I really want to show that I care and that I'm really concerned and to make sure he is okay and what do you guys think?...Is it just physical between us or is there anything more?...Help!


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  • Go.

    As Ivan said be confident. And be cool, relaxed - it is about him there. It is an opportunity to step up to the next level, show that you like him and be there when it matters.

    And if he throws you out, well then at least you'll know where you stand. But he won't.

    Still here behind that computer?


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  • it's perfectly normal to care for someone.. id say GOOO and visit him! just be cool and confident.. friends care for friends anyway..


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  • haha, girl, if you two have already been making out before, and you really care for him, then YES, go and visit the poor guy! my guy best friend once fractured his leg when he was playing basketball, and I always went to check up on him to see if he was okay. he loved that, and he always said that he was glad that someone was always there for him. companionship depends especially on being there for your friend, and if you can't even be there for him when he's badly hurt, or in his time of need, then it's hardly a friendship at all. he'll definitely be happy seeing someone that at least cares for him, supporting him throughout a tough time. and it doesn't matter if you love the guy or not, or just as a friend, you can STILL go see him. maybe you can even take something nice with, like jelly beans or whatever, haha. ^ that'll surely make him feel special.

    Good luck to you! and good luck to him as well! ^^