He thinks I like him and I do, but does he like me back?

so my best friend has been really nice to me all of a sudden and he makes me laugh so hard and makes this puppy dog face at me that kills me. so I think he likes me and also I have noticed that he actually looks like he fixed his hair and wears cologne and he didn't a few months ago...so I wanna know if he likes me


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  • It seems like he does, but its also not hard to find out. Google "signs someone is attracted to you" and read about the body language of a person who likes you. Its legit stuff


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  • Is there anything else that's changed, because right now that really unclear if he does or not.

    • Well he has been making excuses to talk to me and he doesn't seem interested in anyone else. he also blushes when I smile and wave at him from across the hall

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  • There's no really clear answer to your question, because things like cologne and hair are circumstantial, he could very well be doing all those things for someone else, give it a while for something more concrete.