Makeup for a shiny face?

My face is very dry so oil is not the problem. I wear mineral powder in the morning, but it wears off quickly. I think my nose is the main problem, it is large and when my powder wears off it becomes embarrassing. Do any of you know of long lasting makeup to keep the shine away? Thanks :)


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  • go with a heavier base (like a liquid base) if you're worried about it coming off. To keep it matt add your powder after the base and it will seal better. Also, if you're worried about your nose, perhaps use only a liquid base on it and possibly not the rest of your face? If your skin isn't oily I doubt it's shiny. Just do the spots you're most concerned about and people won't notice that you're wearing makeup as much (which is the best look, and what we aim for = natural).

    Check out a wallmart or shoppers or someplace and see what they have available. They usually have someone working the section (beautician) who can help. If you've got more $ in your pocket check out sephora (I highly recommend their stuff, so nice).

    Be careful with what covers you use cause they can make your face break out if they aren't good quality.


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  • When I was in the US, I got this amazing stuff from Sally's Beauty called Palladio loose rice powder. Man does that stuff work!

  • after you moisturize and before you put on makeup, use a toner. Clean and clear has one, and there is one called sea breeze. or you can use witch hazel