Girls, help dress my boyfriend for a party?

My boyfriend and I have a couples party to go to in about three week and I know this might seem like I'm planning to far in the future but I kind of have to for this. The party is pretty different because the theme is dress like your significant other. It definitely is an odd theme but seems like fun one. Now we both decided to surprise each other in how we wanted to each other to dress except he will have to go shopping for what I want him to wear so he'll definitely know before hand. So now for the outfit. My boyfriend is actually pretty fashionable so I'm really trying to stay away from dresses since that's a pretty typical go to idea and go with something that's I think looks the most fashionable on girls. I'm thinking about going with an outfit that has knee high boots/riding boots. He could wear combat boots but I thing the knee high boots would look the best. He already has a three pairs of girls hollister jeggings/super skinny jeans so that's easy. I'm really thinking of getting him one of these outfits and regardless what outfit he wears with the boots, boot toppers Please let me know of you thoughts! I'm doing the boots for sure but I have a picture of one with combat boot just in case.

Girls, help dress my boyfriend for a party?

I have to be honest here as well. I've really pushing him to wear combat boots, similar to the ones in the one picture, with the hollister jeans he has. He wore it once for me with a flannel and he looked really good. I'm kind of hoping the knee high boots make him think about getting a pair of combat boots. I don't really know how the knee high boots will make him get a pair but I can hope, right? If he looks good in the knee high boots, I probably wouldn't mind if he got those instead.


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  • second outfit

    • Thank you for the response!!! By second do you mean the second knee high boots outfit or actually the combat boots :)

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    • Okayyy :) Really appreciate your response!!

    • you're welcomed

  • This isn't a real post... why would anyone spend so much money on an outfit for a single party. I think it's a guy posting, and he's a transvestite...

    • It is real post :/ I'm not a guy or used to be a guy. I'm really a girl with a real question. The outfit isn't really that much of a cost. He might really only need to get the boots which, what might be $150-200 for an decent pair? And maybe a shirt if he doesn't fit into one of mine. That's not a lot to spend on something you'll wear once. I mean I've spent a ton of money on stuff I've worn once. Like my prom dress, spent a whole lot on it only to cry... prom sucked but I'm glad I found a much better guy now :)