What is the best Korean makeup brand that's quality, but still affordable?

What is the best Korean makeup brand that's quality, but still affordable?

  • Missha
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  • Etude House
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  • Tony Moly
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  • Skin Food
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  • Holika Holika
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  • Innis Free
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  • Some other brand... let me tell you about it... =)
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  • Overall skin food
    But I use different products from almost all your brands and love them all! I actually have a few k beauty monthly subscription boxes. They send full size beauty products from different brands. It's a lot of fun and I love the variety. I think the cost ranges from 20-35 for them.

    If you're really into k beauty, maybe give the monthly subscriptions a try.

    • My country doesn't have those subscriptions unfortunately...
      But thank you for the recommendations. =)

  • I used etude house before, for me it was okay. I do like it especially waterproof eyeliner. I even bought eye shadow, bb cream, lipstick. If you looking for something that affordable I would suggest this one. Dont forget about CLIO! I like the eyeliner, fake eyelashes and also lip tint. I like it a lot. Innisfree, I used for cleanser and mask. I vote for the innisfree clay mask! How about The Face Shop and Laneige? But most people would suggest to buy Laneige bb cushion and mask.

  • i've heard about the brand Holika Holika before

  • innis free !

  • Honestly, they all suck. They use fragrances which is bad for your skin. It reduces collagen and you can age faster.

  • I personally like Nature Republic for skin care :)

  • Is there an advantage of Korean makeup over US or UK?

    • I wouldn't know... scientifically speaking, but I am interested in it because of different colors and textures, and innovations that aren't really prevalent in the UK or US makeup. Besides - not that easy for me to get US makeup (+ it's overpriced), and UK makeup I already have - what I need...

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    • From what I've heard, it's better for your skin.

    • @LittleMissCuriousity Ooh cool, I don't wear much makeup (only mascara and brow stuff) but I'll try it

  • It depends, what are you looking for?

    • Makeup. Quality makeup that's not too expensive.

    • I understand, you're just relating your initial question. What kind of makeup are you looking for? There are brands that specialise in BB creams, others on eyeshadow or skincare.

    • Lip products, eyeliners and mascaras.