Collar bone tattoo?

Hey there!
I want your opinion on a tattoo i'm getting. I'm going to write the sentence " nothing is stronger until it conquers your mind" In memory of my grandfather who died of cancer last year.

I was thinking of putting "nothing is stronger" on my collar bone (left side) like this:

collar bone tattoo?
and the second half "until it conquers your mind" on my back (right side) like this:

I know it's my body and my decision, but I want your opinion about splitting it up in two :) And also.. guys.. do you like this placement for a tattoo? ;)
Best wishes from Iceland!


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  • Good choice of location, but keep it short enough so that people can read it readily, and don't make the m go the trouble of finding two parts.

    Otherwise they won't get the point

    • Good luck to you in Iceland. The first Icelandic person here as far as I know.

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    • yeah. I was thinking about putting one on the collar bone and the other on the back. It won't be in English so when people look at it they will think it's 2 different pieces :)

    • What does the tattoo say in Icelandic? Thanks for the MHO btw!

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  • It's a good placement. Though breaking it in two might make it look like it doesn't make sense from the back


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  • Yep
    Tattoos are hot 😍
    Plus you are attractive AF 🙈

  • It's kind of long, I never liked to much of a tattoo on a woman, something small is ok

  • I don't like tattoos in general, so you wouldn't like my answer


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What Girls Said 2

  • I dont really like the it on the collar bone, but thats just my opinion (:
    Its a very nice quote though.

  • LOL!!! Imagine how that's gonna look like when you get old. Just wow.

    • haha.. imagine what all tattoos look like when you get old? What's your point? :)