Wearing BROWN & BLACK; BLACK & BLUE (fashion question)

What do you think of these color combinations. Many people say that its tacky, what are your opinions?

Why do they not together? They are neutrals and neutrals usually go together, but what makes this a tacky fashion faux pas?

Also does it count if one of your blues is denim jeans for example?

so no NAVY blue and black but other blues can work?


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  • I think that it can sometimes work, as long as they are not too close in color.


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  • I have ALWAYS wondered the exact same thing! I happen to think that black and blue look fine together. Except for navy and black - they're too close together, but just a little bit off.

    • Yeah, I think navy and black are so close in shade that it ends up looking like a mistake. But I think other blues are fine. And I prefer lighter browns with black.

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  • if it is DARK brow or blue with black in my opinion is a HUGE no no but black with LIGHT brown or blue its can go. All so in my opinion brown is only a color for leather NOT for clothes